Kenzo GSE, companyAn Egyptian joint stock company founded by

Mr. Yasser Mosallam, a consultant in international commercial arbitration was established in 2016 in the capital, Cairo, with a vision and ambition for hard work and insightful vision to achieve the goals of our companies to reach excellence in the quality of our services and products and the satisfaction of our customers is one of the most important things we seek to achieve sustainability in the relationship between us. And we seek a mechanism to reach the world and expand all over the world, and this is by providing the highest international quality standards,

We work on export, and management of promotional projects for food products of fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits, marketing for European Union countries in the Gulf countries and the Middle East.

Kenzo.Gse, the executive partner for projects promoting European Union food and beverage products in the Gulf region and the Middle East, is committed to ensuring maximum benefit for our customers.

With our relentless dedication and hard work, we constantly strive to achieve success in all our endeavors.

Our motto encapsulates our unwavering determination to attain not just success, but also conquer the seemingly impossible.

We firmly believe that through our efforts, we can create opportunities and establish a strong presence for European Union food and beverage products in the thriving markets of the Gulf region and the Middle East.

Our Mission

To offer our customers products with superior quality and value.

To create a peaceful and enjoyable work environment for our employees

To contribute to the growth of society as we grow the company’s business.

Our Vision

To be a globally recognized import and export company that prioritizes quality, service, and value to meet the needs of our customers, employees, and stakeholders..

Makram Ebeid, Al Manteqah as Sadesah, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Tell (+20) 1093500764

FAX (+20) 220462703